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The wombats of Glenbog have been the subject of international media attention, thanks to the hard work of wildlife carers and neighbours.  However, the same fate, the prospect of being buried alive, entombed in their burrows where they face a slow, inevitable death awaits wombats all over south east NSW in logging compartments. There is no law to protect them from logging. Over 90% of the wood from Glenbog Forest goes to the South East Fibre Exports (SEFE) woodchip mill at Eden. The logging crew is contracted to SEFE.

Help ensure the wombats did not die in vain. Ask the NSW Government make it illegal to inflict cruelty, injury or death on these animals and ensure that offences are prosecuted and punished. Sign the on-line petition

Forestry Corporation Investigation into the burying of wombats in Glenbog State Forest. click


Wombats are not listed as a threatened species so there are no laws to protect them from logging in NSW.

Forestry Corporation Harvest Plan for Glenbog logging

Motion by Greens MP David Shoebridge in the NSW Legislative Assembly

The Glenbog Blog

Tell the Environment Protection Authority that burying wombats alive is not on! Sign the on-line petition
NSW Parliament Budget Estimates 2014-15. Answers to Questions on Notice click and search Glenbog [Qs 12-17]
Documents released under the Government Information (Public Access) GIPA Act

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