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Protesters “wave goodbye to woodchips” to launch Nippon Paper blitz



Far south coast conservationists launched a Nippon Paper blitz against the Eden chipmill with a “wave goodbye to woodchips” protest action at the mill today (Friday 23 November 2012).

A group of about 35 people representing the groups South East Forest rescue and Chipstop took part in the protest at the chipmill gate.

They also took the opportunity to discuss the future of the mill with General Manager, Peter Mitchell and Forestry Manager, Peter Rutherford.

The international giant Nippon Paper is one of the world’s biggest paper manufacturers and is now the biggest native forest woodchipper in Australia.

Mr Mitchell is to travel to Japan next month for talks about the future of the mill with its owner, Nippon Paper, amid widespread and persistent  speculation that the chipmill will close.

Conservationists are stepping up their campaign against Nippon Paper in the lead up to Mr Mitchell’s trip.

Spokesperson, Ms Harriett Swift said that a number of means are being used to get the message to Nippon Paper, including newspaper advertisements, social media and cyber-petitions.

“Wave Goodbye to Woodchips” is a slogan whose time has come,” she said.

“We think it is high time we let our native forests do their real job again, as homes for wildlife, carbon stores and protectors of soil and water,” she said.

The police were called to the protest, but no arrests were made.


23 November 2012