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MEDIA RELEASE                                           1 April 2010



Will There Be a Resurrection Easter for Koalas?

Conservation groups who have forced a temporary stop to woodchipping of critical koala habitat in the south east forests near Bega today called on Premier Keneally to say whether the Government would put an end to the conflict or an end to the koalas?


“We can get no response from the Premier, despite weeks of calling her office, and no response to us from the Ministers involved, McDonald for Forestry and Sartor for Environment,” said conservation spokespersons.


“The Premier and the Ministers won’t answer questions from the public or the media concerning the fate of the koala colony in Mumbulla Forest.”


“The Government has an enormous problem. The average Australian hates woodchipping and will not sacrifice the koalas simply to meet the Eden woodchip mill quota.”


“But the Government doesn’t want to break ranks with the Rudd Government and the giant forestry union, the CFMEU, and walk away from the now obsolete and irresponsible Eden Regional Forestry Agreement that set up this mess a decade ago.”


“International attention to the threat of extinction for the south east forest koalas is growing and both the Keneally and Rudd Governments risk further damage to their already tattered environmental reputations.”


“Premier Keneally can be assured that conservationists and the community will be waiting at the forest in the event that State Forests attempts to resume work after the Easter break.”


“The question for Premier Keneally is whether the future of the koalas will be resurrected or the reputation of her Government crucified?”

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