Machinery Moves on South East Koalas

4 March 2010

Premier Must Intervene to Stop Confrontation

Conservation groups today appealed the Premier to intervene in the battle over the future of the last koala colony in the South East Forests in a remote area near Bega.

“Our people inspected the remote area on Monday and found that contrary to statements from the Minister for the Environment, State Forest graders and excavators were already at work on the road network that will be needed to allow access for huge log trucks bound for Eden woodchip mill,” said the groups.

“State Forests is deliberately pushing the community closer to direct confrontation in the forests even while protracted negotiations on the fate of the koalas are under way with the Department of the Environment.”

“State Forests is not listening to the community nor scientists who are concerned that roading, logging and woodchipping operations in this area will lead to the regional extinction of Koalas in the South East Forests. This situation is reflected by other threats to koalas around the country and if we lose these koalas it will add another mark of shame to Australia’s sad record of wildlife extinctions from greedy and reckless exploitation of our unique landscape.”

“The Premier has to intervene immediately if we are to save this colony. Clearly State Forests will not call a halt until a firm hand is raised to say ‘STOP”.”

We have alerted South Coast communities who have opposed this woodchipping operation since it began 40 years ago and who have fought so long to have the koala colony recognized and protected.

For further comment;
Noel Plumb, ChipBusters,  (Sydney)
Harriett Swift, Chipstop,  (Bega)
Prue Acton, SERCA, (Merimbula)