Letter to the Editor, Bega District News.
24th September 2010

Reply to Ivor Williams

Ivor Williams (Disagreeable females BDN 17/9/10) suggests that women of a certain age should give up campaigning for the forests and vacuum the floor instead.
I would like to ask him: what is a suitable age for a woman to be a forest campaigner?" At what age are we supposed to move on to vacuuming the floor instead?"
Is it OK not to vacuum the floor while we are campaigning for the forest?"
Or would it be OK to keep on trying to save the forests if we can find a man to vacuum our floors?"
Is having a clean floor more important than saving the planet?"
Does Ivor Williams vacuum his own floor or does he have a retired forest campaigner to do it for him?"
Grow up, Ivor. At your age you should have more sense!
Yours sincerely
Harriett Swift