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CHIPSTOP does not encourage the use of graffiti. It is illegal and can result in heavy penalties. In NSW a conviction for malicious damage can bring a penalty of 5 years in jail. However, it has an honourable history in some important struggles for social, political and environmental justice.

Princes Highway north of Eden

Shooters' Party billboard in the Princes Hwy before the 2015 NSW election

▲This spectacular banner appeared on the water tank supplying water to Bermagui town during the week after logging of Bermagui compartment 2004 started in October 2008.

MALICIOUS DAMAGE It is an offence under the Crimes Act 1900 in New South Wales to maliciously destroy or damage property belonging to another person. The maximum penalty is 5 years jail.
The words "malicious" and "malice" have been interpreted by the Courts, and  generally there must be either an intention or recklessness on the part of the defendant. To meet either of these conditions, some degree of  foresight on the part of the accused of the consequences of his or her actions is necessary.
The law is relatively complicated in this area  and many cases will depend on the exact state of mind of the accused person.
What degree of foresight did you exercise? Did you have an an intention to damage or destroy property? Were alcohol or drugs involved? Did that affect your mental capacity to have "malice"?

"South East Fib Experts." These modifications to signage at the Eden chipmill gates appeared on April Fools Day 2008 and were still there 2 years later, apparently causing no concern to the chipmill security staff. They were finally removed in late in 2010.
Gary Nairn ex-MP billboards started appearing on highways all around his electorate just before the 2007 election. This one was near Brogo on the Prince Highway.

Office of Andrew Constance MP, Liberal Member for Bega


On the Princes Highway between Bega and Eden. Passed by hundreds of tourists, local residents and log trucks
every day. Woodchipping the planet's most effective carbon sinks does not make sense to many people.
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The Forests NSW slogan is: Your forests are in safe hands. Apparently not everyone agrees. 
The boot can sometimes be on the other foot. This billboard, illuminated all night long remained up in a prominent place on the Princes Highway just north of the Eden chipmill for more than 3 months.

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This extra signage appeared one April Fools Day at the Rotary Lookout overlook across Twofold Bay to the South East Fibre Exports chipmill

  Welcome to the Bega Valley Shire signs at each entrance to the shire were repeatedly augmented with messages such as this. Another popular message was "Birthplace of Woodchipping in Australia". The Shire Council finally gave up and decided in August 2004 to remove the signs.
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