50th Anniversary of Woodchipping

Eviction Notice delivered to chipmill owners

To mark 50 years of woodchipping native forests of the South Coast, forest conservation representatives travelled to the Eden chipmill today to hand an Eviction Notice to the owners.

“We made this gesture in memory of the millions of wild creatures that have suffered and died over 50 years of intensive native forest logging for woodchips from loss of shelter, habitat and food and on behalf of those that face the same fate in the future,” said Harriett Swift, Deputy Convener of the South East Region Conservation Alliance.

During 50 years of woodchipping has taken a heavy toll on the region’s forests, their wildlife and damaged soil and water. It has also added hundreds of millions of tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

“We estimate that over 31 million trees have gone to the chipmill in this time.”

A copy of the Eviction Notice was left at the chipmill, with copies mailed to the Melbourne based owner/ directors.

A similar Notice relating to Tantawangalo Forest was also delivered.

“This forest is significant because every tree logged there will be woodchipped. This completely destroys the myth that woodchipping uses waste wood and is a by-product of higher value  sawlogs,” Ms Swift said.

For a full statement of our “Woodchipping Scorecard”, visit http://serca.org.au/scorecard.html  

28th November 2019