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Conservationist dismay at new native forest wood project for Eden chipmill

Conservationists have expressed dismay at the announcement of a new native forest timber project at the Eden chipmill.

 "South coast forests have endured the most intensive logging in the State for decades and it is high time that the industry completed a full transition to plantation sourced wood, rather than devising new ways to exploit native forest wood," according to the Convener of the Chipstop Campaign against Woodchipping, Harriett Swift.

Ms Swift said that it is also outrageous that a 15-year contract of 25,000 cubic metres a year should be decided before the future of the current legal framework for logging, the Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) has been resolved.

The project, described as a "hub" involves companies associated with the Eden chipmill and Boral.

"Federal and State Governments are well aware that public opinion is strongly against another 20 years of native forest logging."

"The overwhelming majority of submissions on the RFAs and related instruments were opposed to rolling over the RFAs," she said.

The industry statement is available at:
20 August 2018

Harriett Swift

20 August 2018