1976. Mr Shoebridge to move­
1. That this House notes that:
(a) the Wombat Protection Society recently marked about 150 burrows in the Glenbog State Forest with GPS coordinates and bright paint to allow loggers to avoid the burrows,
(b) agreement was obtained with the Forestry Corporation to ensure entrances to burrows were not obstructed by logging debris or otherwise damaged,
(c) despite this understanding, logging operations in the Glenbog State Forest have since caused the collapse of burrow entrances, meaning wombats have been buried alive and will starve to death,
(d) the Environmental Protection Authority inspected the site and provided recommendations about protecting wombat burrows but took no further action, and
(e) further logging is planned in this forest in areas with large wombat populations.
2. That this House call on the Government to:
(a) immediately halt logging in Glenbog State Forest,
(b) condemn the actions of Forestry Corporation in allowing the destruction of these burrows, and
(c) urgently review policies in place to protect native species including wombats from harm during logging operations.
(Notice given 14 August 2014­expires Notice Paper No. 228)