Media Release - Greens MP Lee Rhiannon and Chipstop - 9 April 2010
Mumbulla koala blockade success, target Keneally
Greens MP and South East NSW spokesperson Lee Rhiannon, speaking at the Mumbulla Forest blockade, said the 90 strong protest had successfully stopped logging the koala habitat for today.
"These native forests must be protected and that means logging in these South East NSW forests should end," Ms Rhiannon said.
"This is an issue that Premier Kristina Keneally cannot ignore. The koala is an Australian icon and the public know we need to protect its habitat.
"Surely Ms Keneally does not want to be remembered as the NSW premier who stood by while this koala habitat was trashed.
"If she allows this logging to proceed 95 percent of the timber will go to the export woodchip market.
"Many at today's protest expressed their anger with Primary Industries Minister Ian Macdonald. Once again he has done nothing when NSW Forests have failed to abide by the regulations they are suppose to operate under.
"Protesters have decided to target NSW Environment Minister Frank Sartor and the Premier in the next stage of the Save the Mumbulla Koala.
"Mr Sartor's job is to stand up for the environment and ending native forest woodchipping should be at top of his to do list.
"If the NSW Environment Minister cannot stand up for the koala it will be clear he is nothing more than Mr Macdonald's junior with no clout.
Harriett Swift spokesperson for Chipstop said, "Today's huge turnout reflects the growing support in the community for an end to native forest woodchipping.
"With our protest numbers increasing we are aiming to keep the blockade going at both entrances to Mumbulla Forest," Ms Swift said.