Nippon Paper Group: Stop using native forest woodchips


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 Nippon Paper Group: Please stop using woodchips from native forest
Native forests are the world's best and cheapest carbon stores and are more valuable as homes to wildlife, as water stores and are essential to the survival of our planet. Other Japanese paper companies have made the switch to plantation woodchips, why can't Nippon Paper?

Nippon Paper is one of the biggest 10 paper companies in the world. While it no longer owns the Eden chipmill it continues to buy Eden woodchips from native forests.  It lags behind the other Japanese paper makers, still using native forest woodchips, while others have made the transition to plantations.

Australian Forests and Climate Alliance (AFCA) letter to all Nippon Paper Directors, February 2013.  Japanese English
     Letter to Nippon Paper:  A Forest Forum held at Batemans Bay on 11 September 2010 unanimously passed a resolution asking Nippon Paper to follow the lead of Gunns Ltd and end logging in Australia's native forests.  Japanese version   English version

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