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From Harriett Swift, convenor of Chipstop Campaign against Woodchipping

The Forestry Corporation has just declared a $20 million loss on hardwood logging in the financial year 2020/21 in its Annual Report released released this week.

The $20m loss includes some bushfire-recovery expenses such as repairs to the road network, but also takes account of $16,857,000 received directly from the Treasury for certain costs incurred. As well, the Forestry Corporation received a number of other Government grants

Without the bushfire costs, the native forest loss reported was $6 million.

The Forestry Corporation will not be paying a dividend to taxpayers for the 2020/21 year.

The profit on plantation softwood was $62 million and $47 million after allowing for bushfire related costs.

“With 80% of the forest available for logging burnt and the government’s own reports warning of the risks of business as usual logging, this is the time to end native forest logging.”

“It’s best for the environment and best for the taxpayers.”

30 November 2021