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Saving the South East Forests from the Woodchippers


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Ask  Nippon Paper Directors to close the Eden chipmill now. Don't wait for more koala habitat to be destroyed
Sign our on-line petition
The Nippon Paper owned South East Fibre Exports chipmill at Eden, NSW has exported tens of millions tonnes of woodchips since it was established. But Australia already has enough plantation hardwood to stop logging of natural forest.  
It does not chip 'waste wood,' only whole logs.
Forests are clear felled for the sole purpose of chipping and exported, mostly to Japan, for paper.
Every tree was once home to hundreds of forest dwelling creatures, some facing regional extinction due to woodchipping.
Worse still, taxpayers subsidise this  destructive

SEFE corporate
 Pellet Plant closes

Forest furnace - "a dead duck"

Burning native forest wood to generate electricity, the dirtiest, dearest & deadliest way ever devised to generate electricity is now officially “renewable” in NSW.

Tanja Forest
koala habitat

Deferred twice, but NSW Forestry Corp still wants to log it.


 Ask Nippon Paper: stop using native forest   woodchips. Sign our on-line petition

Ask key Ministers and Senators to reject burning and subsidising native
forest wood as renewable energy

Help the Yellow- bellied Gliders of Bago Forest
 $1 Million a day carbon cost in logging to supply the Eden chipmill 

Until 1 October 2003, the owner of the Eden chipmill,  South East Fibre Exports Pty Ltd was known as Harris-Daishowa (Aust) Pty Ltd.
Contribute to the Forest Defenders Legal Fund
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For more local information on campaigns contact Bega Environment Network or South East Region Conservation Alliance Inc.


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